Moseley Architects provides comprehensive professional architectural, engineering, and interior design solutions to clients seeking responsive and reliable facility planning and design services, as well as specialized expertise.  We understand that great design is only one component of a project’s success and strive to deliver high-quality, value-based, and timely service for projects both large and small.

Our architects, engineers, interior designers, and other professionals collaborate within a unified, multi-disciplinary studio setting.  This approach, facilitated by state-of-the-art building information modeling (BIM) technology, results in integrated facility designs tailored to our clients’ needs and priorities.

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Providing a full range of architectural services from initial concept development through detailed design documentation, Moseley Architects offers expertise in a wide variety of building types, as well as extensive experience with both new construction and renovation.  We understand that our clients are integral and essential members of the project team, and we welcome and encourage their involvement through a collaborative process focused on strong communication, design excellence, budget and schedule compliance, and sound technical execution.


Recognizing the importance of carefully coordinating the design of all building systems, Moseley Architects provides complete structural, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and fire protection engineering services.  Our engineering and architectural professionals literally work side by side, encouraging spontaneous communication and positioning us to effectively integrate all building design disciplines though frequent, face-to-face interaction.  Additionally, we provide engineering expertise for projects with building systems and infrastructure as their primary focus.

Interior Design

Choosing finishes, defining the details of building interiors, and selecting furniture, Moseley Architects’ interior designers guide our clients through the important decisions that shape the character of their buildings’ indoor spaces.  They work hand-in-hand with our architects to develop cohesive and complementary interior design solutions that are visually appealing, highly-functional, and durable.  We offer furniture procurement and installation assistance to facilitate a smooth transition from completion of construction to move-in and occupancy.

Construction Administration

Even on small projects, construction can be a highly complex process.  We understand the importance of an effectively administered construction contract, and our team includes construction administration professionals focusing full time on that effort.  Our construction administration phase services include review of contractors’ submittals, on-site observation of construction progress and quality, facilitation and documentation of construction progress meetings, review of contractors’ requests for payment, and processing of communications between owners, builders, and the design team.

Planning and Analysis

Careful analysis of alternatives, knowledgeable investigation of possibilities, and thorough preliminary planning set the stage for effective design solutions. Moseley Architects’ professionals deliver useful and valuable recommendations to our clients through master planning, feasibility studies, option development, and evaluations, which provides reliable information that supports sound decision making and creates a point of reference for coordinated implementation of plans over time.

Space Planning

Using available space as effectively as possible increases the value our clients receive from their buildings.  Moseley Architects offers a full range of space planning services from initial space needs assessment and programming through detailed space layouts coordinated with furniture design and building infrastructure.  Our space planning services include comprehensive analysis of current and future space needs on a building-wide and multi-building scale.

Security Systems Design

Keeping people safe and secure in the buildings they use every day has become increasingly important in today’s world.  Because state-of-the-art security is needed in so many building types, Moseley Architects offers specialized security system design including access monitoring and control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, duress messaging, and scanning technologies, as well as ballistic and impact-resistant construction.

Sustainable and High Performance Design

Moseley Architects has embraced our obligation to support a built environment that performs at a higher level by reducing environmental impact and using less energy. Our team of full-time sustainability and energy performance staff supports our design professionals in creating high-performance building and site designs.  We provide our clients with meaningful choices and research-based data to assist in making decisions that are environmentally responsible, budget-conscious, and value-based.