East Hall – School of Engineering Phase 2

Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia

Looking to foster collaboration between the School of Engineering and School of Business programs, Virginia Commonwealth University wanted to create a unified complex for both programs. The goal of this approach was to allow engineering students to share innovative research advancements with business-minded entrepreneurs. The result is a 243,717-gross-square-foot academic building to house both programs. The School of Engineering is home to the university’s biomedical engineering, computer science engineering, and mechanical and nuclear engineering departments. The facility includes more than 45 digital and information technology laboratories, with an emphasis on research labs.

The facility is also home to one of the more programmatically exciting additions to the campus—the da Vinci Center for Innovation in Product Design and Development. In this center, engineering, business and arts students, faculty, and commercial partners work to study and advance the science and art of innovation applied to product development. Although the schools share the building, each has its own distinct atrium, providing recognizable identities for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. These entrances allow students to easily flow from one end of the facility to the other and observe the various activities/enterprises occurring throughout.