High Schools

Indian River High School

City of Chesapeake Public Schools, Chesapeake, Virginia

Indian River High School was originally planned and designed in the 1960s. Consequently, that design did not address a sense of presence to the community to parents or visitors arriving to the school. Accordingly, a significant addition to the primary arrival side of the school provides for an easily identifiable, two-story glass walled main entrance. The addition also relocated the administrative and visitor receiving functions to the “front door,” versus the original location that embedded the administrative functions in the center of the 1,800-student high school. New spaces provide for utility intensive science labs, a media center with clerestory lighting, support spaces for the arts, and a culinary arts lab were also provided. Classrooms now offer for a fully integrated technology and sound reinforcement system to accommodate today’s academic and instructional requirements. Building security was enhanced throughout the facility to facilitate staff and student safety. The renovated auditorium, which is jointly used by the community, features new seating, enhanced video and audio technology, and performance lighting and the student commons area offers an abundance of natural light by incorporating multiple skylights.