Moseley Architects' Richmond Office

Sustainable Design

Moseley Architects is a recognized pioneer in high-performance and sustainable design practices and strategies. Since 2000, the firm has been working with clients to support the development of green initiatives and arrive at design solutions that meet environmental sustainability and energy efficiency goals for both new and renovated facilities.

Having designed over 110 LEED projects across the firm’s complete spectrum of project types, we have completed LEED certification at all levels: Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. These include our own LEED Platinum office building in Richmond. We place a particular emphasis on energy performance in our design process, which has resulted in over 30 projects being recognized with Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR certification. Whether a project will seek third-party green building certifications or not, we understand that it’s important to balance high-performance features with affordability, respecting our clients’ budget needs.

Our staff includes full-time sustainability and energy performance specialists. These experts work closely with the entire design team to develop sustainable design strategies as well as life-cycle and economic payback analyses. This integrated approach to design introduces engineering input early in the design process and influences building form, orientation, envelope design and daylight harvesting strategies, all with the goal of increasing energy efficiency.